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Welcome to our website, this is a quick guide that will give you information about who we are and what kind of services we can offer you, also you will find information about the products we distribute, news, special offers, and contact information and job opportunities.

In DIREGO we have a wide assortment of all kind of spare parts for heavy duty equipment, we are direct distributors of the best original brands and aftermarket products, and we are also manufacturer of our own brand of products. We have several local distribution centers and stores to serve you better.

We supply everything you need for the heavy equipment industry,  engine  parts, accessories, exhaust  and  hydraulic  systems, pneumatic  and brake  systems, lights and electrical accessories, valves,  leaf springs and suspensions, lubricants and filters,  axles, transmissions parts, trailers parts, air tanks, rubber  supports  and  mounts, tow hooks, wheels and tires, cooling systems, load control systems, wheel bearings and seals  and all types of fifth wheels and landing gears.